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Latex mattress manufacturer parsing mattress with spinal three relations

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Latex mattress manufacturer parsing mattress with spinal three relations

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According to statistics, for today's young people, and for a long time sitting in the office white-collar, spine, hard to avoid some small problems. Some bad spine may cause dozens of disease this is no laughing matter, in addition to specific organs, all were dominated by the spinal nerves, once the spinal nerves system oppressed is likely to cause disease. So we should how to avoid these problems? Jinan mattress manufacturer to everyone say mattress and its relation to the spine:
(1). The disease caused by cervical vertebra is bad
On cervical vertebra have a problem will cause vertebral artery oppression, brain blood supply shortage, make the oxygen to the brain, causing symptoms such as dizziness, headache, insomnia. Cervical vertebra cervical plexus nerve is above, below is the brachial plexus, pipe it to the shoulder, elbow, arm and fingers, once the cervical vertebra have a problem, can cause such as periarthritis of shoulder, frozen shoulder.
(2). Diseases of lumbar spine is not good
Lumbar is bad easily lead to paralysis, waist sour backache, strain of lumbar muscles, dysmenorrhea, hysteromyoma, ovarian cyst, infertility, lumbar disc, menopausal syndrome, endocrine disorders, etc. Women notice, especially the lower lumbar spine of lumbar nerve of autonomic nerve, and it can tube to the uterus, ovaries, bladder and the anus, when the lumbar spine has a problem, it is easy to cause young women dysmenorrhea.
(3). Thoracic diseases caused by bad
Thoracic nerve rib along our shoulder to the chest, it will affect the breast muscle part of the development. Its internal parts by the tube down to the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, gallbladder, and pancreas, etc., this part of important organs in the thoracic spine. Cervical thoracic this paragraph, under the pipe to the bronchi, this section has a problem, it is easy to cause bronchitis, colds. Neural tube to the pancreas, thoracic vertebra under thoracic nerve oppressed, pancreatic function is bad, can cause poor insulin secretion, also easy to cause poor blood sugar control.
According to the international spine surgeons (ICA) experts point out that, Average person during the day due to prolonged standing or sitting, spine suffered a lot of pressure, should be used when sleep so a piece of good mattess, average to support the whole spine 24 joints, spine get sufficient rest, to restore the elasticity of the spine and vitality; Human head and usually 8 ﹪ of body weight, chest accounted for about 33 ﹪, waist accounted for about 44%, so a piece of good mattess, in structure should be based on the human body each part weight distribution and the normal spinal curve to design.
Jiangsu estee ni latex mattresses wholesale manufacturers according to the human body engineering, to accord with human body sleeping custom type mattress, it has a good supporting force, wet gas absorption, the characteristics of anti-interference, effectively alleviate the pressure of the human body, help to improve sleep, caress your spine.

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