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Estee ni latex mattress manufacturer to teach you how to identify natural latex mattresses authenticity

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Estee ni latex mattress manufacturer to teach you how to identify natural latex mattresses authenticity

The release date:2018-07-17 The author: Click on the:59

Full of beautiful things in eyes of latex mattresses on the market at present, a lot of jinan wholesale manufacturers flaunt "latex mattresses, to cause the attention of consumers, users have the edition, and a lot of latex mattress price is not low, quality is far, in the face of good and evil people mixed up of latex mattress market, consumers should be how to identify? Latex mattresses wholesale manufacturer three tips on how to teach everybody must learn to.
Tips: see origin
Latex is mainly divided into natural latex and synthetic latex and synthetic latex. Of which the most natural latex health. Natural latex from rubber tree juice made from the rubber tree, has the advantages of the anti mite resistant bacteria, permeability is good, and very precious. Gum tree can only output every 30 cc latex juice every day. A latex products at least a day to a day and a half to finish production, is a very time consuming and precious materials of a product. Due to the natural climate advantages such as high temperature, high fever, southeast Asia became the main planting base of rubber tree, especially famous for Thailand. Throughout the latex in the market, both the international and domestic a line brand, also mostly use latex raw materials made in Malaysia and Thailand. Love is one of natural emulsion mattress, she is used to pure natural latex, to safeguard the natural environmental protection, do not contain harmful ingredients, can completely biological degradation, and does not vary with time. At present there are deep love its natural latex mattresses, love children latex mattresses and other products.
Tip 2: the inner core

 Open source, quality is the key of a solid inner core. The levels of latex mattress is decided to the fundamental elements of mattress price, namely the latex content is higher, the greater the density, per cubic meter of emulsion, the more heavy. And the higher the density of emulsion, the mattress is harder. Love natural latex mattress by the exquisite technology, combined with modern high-tech equipment and a variety of patent technology, finished the mold, foam, gel, sulfide, washing, drying, molding and packing process the high light. For latex high density, and can realize the perfect back support rapid fit the body's natural outline, automatically ADAPTS to each movement and position. And that is why it can help consumers to blood circulation, and reduce muscle pain and cramps.
Tip 3: the thickness
Origin and high content of latex mattress, the prices have increased. Price decided to quality don't want to see? Latex industry professionals pointed out that the emulsion layer is not as thick as possible, choose a suitable thickness, economical and practical. Such as directly on the bed board, suitable for adults emulsion thickness of the inner core of general between 10-20 cm; And if in the spring mattress, only need 5-7.5 cm. The thickness of the mattress is mainly based on their requirement for the mattress soft hard degree to decide. When selected, consumers should pay attention to the mattress sleep link.
Now we know how to discern between true and false latex mattresses! Estee mattress remind you: no matter choose which brand latex mattress, the key is to learn how to discern between true and false natural latex mattresses, otherwise take high price to buy bad products, it is not worth it. CCTV even once exposure "3 without" mattress "poison" mattress (use inferior raw material, so that the formaldehyde release overweight). So select normal latex mattresses wholesale manufacturer is necessary!

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