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Estee ni latex mattress brand tell you the advantage of latex mattresses

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Estee ni latex mattress brand tell you the advantage of latex mattresses

The release date:2018-07-17 The author: Click on the:50

Natural latex is one of the most upscale mattress material, its with environmental protection, TianRanXing, is the best gift of nature to human sleep, sleep can provide comfortable and soft feel. She can not only meet the needs of the consumers, more in line with the trend of the return to nature the pursuit of pure and fresh. Have certain health care function of natural latex mattresses, latex mattresses wholesale manufacturer below to share with you the advantages and features of latex mattress.
1, the air permeability
Special molecular structure of the latex, there are thousands of tiny mesh structure of the vent, good comfort, air permeability, make the free flow of air is still in the mattress, thus inhibiting bacteria and parasites. The latex porous airbag structure of open mode, can promote natural ventilation, natural air conditioning system, provide the best to keep dry and comfortable in the sleep.
2 against mites, bacteria
In oak for latex protein can inhibit bacteria and allergens lurking. Accord with the requirement of environmental protection, can inhibit bacteria, mites, and no static, natural latex fragrance. For asthma and allergic rhinitis and other symptoms of respiratory system deeply.
3, super mute
Caused by sleep to the pure natural latex mattresses can absorb the noise and vibration, without interference in the sleep, will not affect sleep with, and can effectively reduce the infant, let you sleep more safe sweet.
4, promote sleep

 Natural emulsion of high elasticity and docile let latex mattresses can satisfy the needs of different weight groups, with the best support to adapt to the sleeper any posture, remove due to the bed sleep caused by the inappropriate lumbar acid and difficulty in sleeping, inability have a function to promote sleep. Every inch latex mattresses are according to the human body structure design: according to the principle of human body engineering, for through, shoulder, back, waist, legs, feet six different parts request, to provide accurate corresponding support, ensure the body weight is reasonable dispersion, to comfort permeate the whole body, can effectively improve the quality of sleep.
5, orthopaedic function
Latex mattresses human body area than a regular mattress contact area is 5-6 times higher, can score three body weight tolerance, achieve all-round support, automatically adjust the bad sleeping position, relax spinal reconstruction, thus has the corrective function.
6, durable
The use of special process natural latex foam and durable, strong resilience, shape can keep unchanged for a long time, the correct use of up to 10 to 15 years. Easy to clean, do not be stained with dust.
7, healthy environmental protection
Latex as raw materials for the advanced medical science, do not contain toxic elements, harmless to human body, even in the case of overheating or burning, also won't produce toxic substances, natural latex products use more than a decade later, can decompose, return to nature, will not pollute the environment.
Wholesale mattress manufacturer - estee ni from Thailand rubber tree SAP, pure natural products from the gift of nature. According to the ergonomic design, provide a comprehensive range of support, elastic fit, breathable, keep better comfort latex content as high as 93% above, is pure natural latex mattresses, without any harm to human body, and side effects, take you close to the natural breath. At the same time because the latex unique traits has anti mite antibacterial effect, can provide a more clean and healthy sleep environment. Attentively complete each process, every night, good dream for you!

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