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Estee tell you her mattress mattress a little hard on the waist?

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Estee tell you her mattress mattress a little hard on the waist?

The release date:2018-07-17 The author: Click on the:203

Many people at the time of back pain, most doctors will give a doctor's advice, that is some sleep hard bed, so some people to go home, remove directly the mattresses, bed sheets, a range of sleep on the hard wooden boards, thought it is prescribed, but also people's "popular science" waist on it to sleep hard bed, eventually formed the people "hard bed = good to waist" the inherent concept, but in fact, the hard bed, may make your waist snow! On! Add! Cream! The bed is hard or soft point good? Wholesale mattress manufacturer to introduce you to:
Normal physiological structure of the human body vertebra, look from flank is an s-shaped physiological bending curvature of the lumbar spine is forward. Support area reduces hard sleeping will make the human body, only the head, back, hips, heels a few points to withstand the pressure, easy to appear the waist dangling, not only against the spine, and muscle tension over a long period of time, shrinkage may lead to muscle fatigue, pain, strain. Sleep the bed for a long time, probably caused by lumbar disc didn't cure lumbago, and the strain of lumbar muscles, not worth!
The hard bed is bad, soft can always?
Too soft bed also must be careful, because it is unfavorable to keeping the normal physiological curvature of the spine. Sleep the hammock, lumbar with sunken bed body physiological curvature change extremely easily, cause the waist down, cause intervertebral disc herniation and so on. And soft bed for more comfort, turn less, and fixed the longer, the more lumbar injury! So too soft bed is not only conducive to spinal health, can also affect the growth of bone and muscle development teenagers, and even cause kyphosis, spine bending deformation!
What kind of bed so we actually should sleep? The mattress how to choose?
Actually catch is enough for the two principles:
1, soft hard moderate,

Mattress can hard to deformation, nor soft to deformation is too large, when the choice we can press the mattress with the hand, general with subsidence of no more than a fist highly advisable.

2, stick and body
The right mattress can make the spine to keep natural stretch, and shoulder, waist and hip joint completely, leaving no gaps. We lie on your back or side lying on the mattress, with the hand probe curve concave parts of the body and is there a gap between the mattress, such as no clearance and body felt no apparent sinking, is suitable the mattress.
Hearing mattresses wholesale manufacturer, if there is a new understanding of the mattress, it hurt the waist to get home and sick old mattress and change! If, in the face of all kinds of mattresses on the market, carry to feel not sure, choose ready-made and easy actually, latex mattress, latex mattress's biggest feature is high elasticity, can adapt to the different weight of the body, a complete joint human body, dispersion tolerance of the body weight, to achieve full support. In addition, latex mattress made of foam process more itself millions of porosity, permeability is good, can discharge the body heat and moisture; Latex also can inhibit bacteria, mites, and no static, no noise, compared with the traditional mattress as well!

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