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Latex mattress manufacturer to teach you how to choose latex mattresses

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Latex mattress manufacturer to teach you how to choose latex mattresses

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    Jiangsu estee ni latex mattress factory for everyone to do a system analysis, a mattress should spend at least ten years, we that we at least 1752000 minutes is lying in the arms of its, so we must choose a good mattress, but choose the mattress is a science! Spring mattress, latex mattress, coir mattress, foam mattress, memory cotton... Which comfortable, which good for lumbar spine, which environmental protection...
What is the standard of good mattress?
The several indexes of the mattress comfort: supportive, joint degree, permeability, anti-jamming.
Supportive is one of the most important indicators, because it was about our spine healthy.
Sleep on the mattress, the state of the spine is important.
Ideally, sleep under the spine and stand the spine, natural S type.
Supportive good mattess, according to the physiological curve of different support dynamics, reduce the shoulders and hips that parts of the pressure of the pressure big, at the same time, the place such as the waist of concave body can get appropriate support.
So too soft or hard bed is bad for your body, too soft means lack of supportive, whole body subsidence, spine in a state of deformation.
Good bed the organization of the shoulders and hips are squeezed, sore easily.

 Good mattress bring parcel sense bring about joint degree, body feeling more comfortable.
Permeability is determined by the material of the mattress, mattress with poor permeability more sleep more hot, skin can't breathe, easy to cause a variety of skin diseases;
Anti-interference, if when you turn over the whole bed shook, affect the other half sleep, anti-interference performance is poor; If you turn over, except where you sleep somewhere else, strong anti-jamming.
Bring about spring mattress
Spring mattress is now on the market the most mainstream mattresses. A big span, from the hundreds of thousands of high-end products have big hundreds of pieces of cheap products.
Spring mattress spring generally fall into two kinds:
A spring is the most traditional connection type, poor anti-jamming, a lie on the bed is moving.
But the price is cheap, below one thousand yuan of spring mattresses are connection type spring, good elasticity, strong supporting, body feeling is hard.

  Bring another is relatively popular in the separate bag spring, in the end more than basic are independent bagged spring spring mattress.
Advantage is dot expansion, a single independent support, the overall and the human body curve, effectively support the body, disperse stress;
And strong anti-interference, when they turn over the other half of sleep;
A local defect is mattress often pressure caused by the local loss of elasticity, the price also is quite high.
Bring about another 5 degrees now the concept of partition (5 - Zone Sleep System), the general is also USES the independent spring bags, particularly in the mattress is divided into five areas: head, shoulder, waist, hip and leg, to varying degrees in each spring soft hard, can therefore stronger more fit to support different parts of the body.
Bring about spring mattress is generally includes support layer and comfortable.
Support layer is the layer of spring, determines the mattress support;
Comfortable layer can fill latex, foam, soft material, such as memory cotton increased comfort, also determines the mattress fit degree;
Mattress soft hard degree is decided by the support layer and comfortable together.
So to buy spring mattress not only should focus on support layer, layer of padding and comfortable.
Bring a bit high-end mattress for example, a ripple, gold Kerr, serta these international brands are spring + latex form; (including is a one-piece spring of shu, mind friends to pay attention to)
Simmons is special, his mattress is is spring high + woven cotton layer, high permeability of woven cotton layer, better lay up and latex difference;
A little cheaper, the average person can afford a mattress many are spring + in the form of a bubble. Such as ikea's sea vogel, 1499 yuan, the spring is independent pocket springs, can say already very cost-effective.
There is spring mattress are generally more soft more expensive, because the soft mattress spring and soft, supportive not reduce at the same time, the technical difficulty is much higher, so the price is expensive.
110000 mattresses and mattress 10000, lay up the most intuitive feeling is soft and different... May be I more rough, is said to be a real princess could crushed the sleep out of the pea under twenty mattresses.

  Bring another manifestation of high-end mattress is soft and not collapsed, stiff and rigid, partial soft-type or partial hard type, supportive and joint degrees are within the scope of the guarantee of healthy and comfortable.
Bring about natural latex mattresses
Speaking of latex mattresses, Dunlop (Dunlop) is the ancestor of latex foam process, the foaming technique is the most mature, the most widely used.
And a foaming process called, she is introduced in this paper a new generation of products also have use Dunlop, make latex permeability is better and better elasticity, price is more expensive.
And latex mattresses are important influence factors of quality production process, the best raw material does not necessarily produce latex mattresses.
Radish highly uneven, each person's hobby is different, when choosing mattess also have their own ideas, but you don't buy inferior mattresses to keen on gaining petty advantages oh, because it is next to walk through together with us at least a dozen of the spring and autumn.

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