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Jiangsu estee ni mattress co., LTD

The contact :Mr.Li

Mobile phone:13952709028

The phone:0514-86397788

Address: yangzhou city kai Yang highway Guo Village export five hundred meters

The url:www.jsysn.cn 

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        Jiangsu estee ni latex mattress co., LTD., founded in 2010, has been committed to "estee ni" brand of natural latex mattresses, natural latex pillow, natural latex cotton, natural latex cotton piece of coil and other latex products research and production. Company in the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of yangzhou, east, south adjacent yangzhou, taizhou airport, adjacent to the beijing-shanghai high-speed, location Guo Village town known as the "land of fish and rice", the amphibious transportation is convenient, the geographical position is extremely superior.
        Estee ni have a scientific and complete production and quality management control system, series products of all raw materials are all made of high quality imported natural latex concentrate, from ingredients to produce the entire process to realize the automation, ensure the quality of products and natural environmental performance, at the same time greatly improve the capacity and speed of delivery.
        Estee ni adhering to the quality first, prestige supreme purpose; Advocate the pioneering and enterprising, pragmatic, innovative spirit of enterprise.
        Estee ni's integrity, strength and product quality has experienced years of development and market validation, won the industry's full approval, estee Minnie and domestic and foreign many well-known bedding brand has become a strategic partner.

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